TopKey Use
Security is the main thing of the success.
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TopKey technology is the usage of one more password for outgoing transactions besides the main login password. During the account creation on Noo Web Systems addition password sets automatically. This is password unknown for Noo administration called TopKey. Outgoing operations are impossible for fresh created Noo account. User cannot send noo units to other account, exchange noo units to other currencies or get cash. Thus, account (and others accounts) protected if main password lost or stolen.

To set your account full usable it is necessary to do the following:
1. Fill a form on profile correctly (telephone number also, Noo administrator can call to prove the data is correct).
2. From the department security (yellow lock right down) to upload any document scan (passport, driver licence).
3. After pp. 1 and 2 Noo duty will check information and erase starting TopKey from the serial account.
4. Account owner should come to security (yellow lock) again and set your own TopKey.
This password is unknown for Noo administrators and programmers. If user lose it then it will be necessary to do all TopKey setting procedure again.

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